Turn off-peak into profit.

Run promotions on your appointments and make less attractive time slots sell.

Enjoy an innovative appointment CRM that is focused on selling quieter hours in the day and making your business downtime work for you. 

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Dentist Clinics

Take bookings for dental appointments to attract new customers

Spas & Beauty

Let customers schedule off-peak time slots for spa and beaty treatments

Barber Shops

Appointments for off-peak haircuts and beard cuts

Nail Salons

Allow customers to make an appointment when’s it’s usually quiet at the salon

Hair Dressers

Schedule off-peak appointments and increase your bookings instantly

Plus many more. Join them and start promoting your off-peak booking slots today.

How it works

Do you bump into times where business is slower than usual?

Most businesses struggle filling in time slots during certain times of the day or during certain days of the week.

appointment CRM

Take control of your business’s idle time.

Easily add Discounts for each slot that’s sluggish during the day. Optimise them as you go along. 

Use our appointment CRM to control every time slot in the day.

Set times




Your appointments

Automate your appointments & more

Make your appointments work in the back, saving you valuable time. 

Incentivize customers to book right here & now.

Open up new options for your customers with promotional time slots. Let them choose between booking regular slots or run promotions on time slots when it’s usually quiet.

Take control of your bookings.

Set everything up, edit it whenever you like, adapt, and respond to a dynamic audience in no time

Hear what others have to say:

“Having more appointments when it was usually quiet and employees were sitting around made me feel like I was doing the right thing for my business.”

—Amelia A., Beauty salon Owner
Over 40% increase in bookings after promoting off-peak slots

Ready to turn your off-peak into profit?

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